Our advanced students are building a removable roof for Desayuno Calle.  This activity consists in a gathering of people from different urban areas at breakfast time, done with the purpose of make activity as in a city, in some areas of San Juan.

Stay tuned…

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Students were taught to draw the same object, giving shadows or drawing it in perspective (3D). It’s interesting that even though they were all drawing the same object, all the drawings are different. This demonstrates that we can see the same space or objects, but our perception of it, is a personal experience!!!

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Artist Charles Juhas was assigned for a couple of months the house for artists located in San Sebastián Street in Old San Juan. The house, called “La Casa de los Contrafuertes”, speaks the current artist’s language for the period of time each artist is given.

Students from Taller [D] Espacio, intervened in the house’s courtyard, creating a screen of ropes from the upper balcony, to one of the trees on the first floor.

CONCEPT: Art as Architecture : Architecture as Art

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El Nuevo Sonidero, is a multidisciplinary project created by artist Antonio González-Walker, which seeks to promote the experimentation of art through sound in museums and other cultural spaces. The project does not only seeks to perform in these cultural spaces through sound, but also to manipulate sounds captured from these specific places and document them as a musical stamp of the space where they were recorded.

Taller [D] Espacio was invited to participate in one of these performances, titled: “El Nuevo Oráculo-Residencia Sonora II”. The performance took place in the historic building of “El Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico”, located in Santurce. The students of Taller [D] Espacio reinterpreted the flower pattern in the center of the courtyard with lime and corn, creating a new mandala, at the same time the musicians were playing.

Watch a partial video of the performance on youtube:

El Conservatorio de Música, is a prestigious Institution of Sub-Graduate and Graduate programs in interpretation, composition, jazz and the formation of future teachers in music.

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Based on a given word, students created an abstract black and white composition.

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Designed by Taller [D] Espacio’s Advanced Students for Noemí Segarra:

Víctor, Alec, André, Ana Laura, Andrés, Karim and Camila

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PISO Móvil is a branch from the original project PISO, which is a wood platform 20 feet long and 9 feet 4 inches wide, 2 inches off the ground, a project of Noemí Segarra. In PISO, the practice is corporeal improvisation. It is a practice of listening to the body, recognizing and observing decision-making and moving from contemplation and integration. While the floor contains the experience, the work itself is alive and unfolding. For more information of the project’s background please see the following entry:

PISO: Movable platform for Noemí Segarra

Each student developed his or her own design for the wooden platform.

  Andrés  Camila  Ana Laura  Karim  Alec  André  Víctor

After discussing the details of each floor Noemí Segarra together with Taller [D] Espacio and Betalocal, decided to build one movable wooden platform as a collage with each student’s design. We will also build another one with the final design that will be used by Noemí.

PISO Móvil is now two floors.



The Final Floor was designed with Víctor’s assembly system, which consists of a 6’x 6′ square that can be folded into a cube for easier transportation and to use as seating. The instructions of assembly are determined by the system designed by Alec and the color coding of André.

Noemí Segarra, Taller [D] Espacio and Betalocal, are now in the process of testing the final floor through a Mock-Up, designed in collaboration with LAB (Laboratorio de Artes Binarios).

Stay tuned…


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November 19, 2012

Calle San Francisco, Plaza La Barandilla, Viejo San Juan

Through a gathering of diverse sectors, as the Municipal, State and Federal Government, institutions and individuals from different artistic movements and disciplines have converged to form a cultural event with no precedent.
“La Campechada”, was the most important cultural event of 2011. Nineteen (19) individuals and organizations from public and private sectors, dedicated to the arts, culture and conservation, gathered to bring back Old San Juan to the 18th Century, where the artist José Campeche lived and painted. Music, theatre, poems, corporeal arts, food, fashion design and fine arts were represented all over Old San Juan, in plazas and important historic sites of Old San Juan, where José Campeche lived his whole life.

Taller [D] Espacio was invited to be part of a performance, where students from the school “Conservatorio de Música” were going to improvise a piece based on the baroque style of music. Taller [D] Espacio’s students, simultaneously drew the emblematic pavers from the city, which also have a certain rhythm that parallels the musical structure of the Baroque style.

This activity was organized by the program “Arte Santurce” from the “Conservatorio de Música”
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